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QIMA’s Q3 Barometer – COVID-19 Impact

QIMA’s Q3 Barometer – COVID-19 Impact: China Sourcing Suggests W-Shaped Recovery While Manufacturing Struggles in the Rest of Asia Throughout Q2, global supply chains have remained in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, with lockdowns in buying and manufacturing regions triggering dramatic yet erratic drops in demand and supply. As global trade enters the second […]

IAF Launches Webinar New Fashion Delivery Calendar

IAF will be hosting a webinar on July 9th 10 am CET and 4 pm HKT/CST with the support of Motif about the new fashion delivery calendar. We are proud to announce three world class speakers that will explain the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis on the production chain’s calendar, now and in the coming […]

IAF Launches CO₂ Improve Initiative

IAF is launching its ‘CO₂ improve’ initiative today, aiming to help the worldwide fashion & lifestyle community to do better when it comes to CO₂ emissions through fashion logistics. Han Bekke, IAF chairman explains: ‘Fashion supply chains cover the globe so the logistical operations in the fashion industry almost by definition add up to a […]

Alvanon Facilitates 3D TECH Festival September 14-18th, 2020

The future is collaboration, not competition. In just a few months, a once-in-a-lifetime economic, social and public health crisis has catapulted the digital transformation five years ahead, and there is an urgent imperative to re-imagine how our industry can — and should — work in a digital world. The 3D TECH Festival comes directly to […]