Yeşim Interest of Finnish Business Delegation

Finnish Minister of Development, Cooperation and Foreign Trade Ville Skinnari made a visit to Turkey together with his accompanying business delegation between 6 and 8 June 2022 on the occasion of the signing of the Joint Economic and Trade Commission between Turkey and Finland. The business delegation met on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, at Uludağ Exporters’ Association to meet with the UTİB and UHKİB Board of Directors and the representatives of the member companies of both Unions. Finnish delegation, who also met with Yeşim Group CEO Şenol Şankaya in the program at UIB, made an introductory visit to Yeşim Group Bursa factory within the scope of Bursa contacts.

Yeşim Group was also visited within the scope of the event organized to contribute to the development of R&D and innovation cooperation with commercial relations in these sectors between Turkey and Finland, to the sharing of sectoral expertise experiences and to the increase of information exchange by bringing together sector companies operating in the fields of sustainable textile and circular economy in Turkey and Finland.

It was moved to the question and answer section after the company presentation made in the meeting to which Yeşim Group Fabric Operations VP Kerim Bayram, P&D Manager Fahri Yibar, R&D Manager Filiz Emiroğlu, Environment and Energy Manager Semih Tekay, Design Manager Nergis Melek Akıncı and Sports Wear Nike Fabric Development Manager Enis Kızılay participated and inspections were made in the production areas and treatment plant in Yeşim.