The global fashion industry is under the devastating spell of a global pandemic hurting the entire global apparel and textile business. IAF directly and indirectly represents hundreds of thousands of companies from across the apparel supply chain. In our COVID-19 dossier, our messaging therefore focuses on supply chain solidarity and the effects of this crisis on supply chain relations.

Matthijs Crietee (IAF) Took Part in Panel Discussion in Fibre2Fashion Webinar

For resurrection of the textile-apparel industry post-COVID-19…

IAF Urges Solidarity in Apparel Supply Chain

In the face of the Covid-19/Coronavirus crisis, the International…

Moroccan Textile Industry for a Brighter Future

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Moroccan textile and apparel industry (AMITH) managed to act efficiently to face the crisis.

EURATEX is Contributing to Coordinated Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

EURATEX provides tools to European suppliers and manufacturers to find each other and facilitate the production of protective masks and gowns (PPE and surgical).

New Platform Helping Apparel Factories Produce PPE

On this platform, factories that are now producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are listed in order to facilitate engagement with prospective buyers.

Summary Webinar 'Impact of COVID-19 on Textile & Apparel Industry'

Summary Webinar 'Impact of COVID-19 on Textile & Apparel…

Mustafa Gultepe Addresses IHKIB's International Trade Partners

In his speech, IHKIB President Mustafa Gultepe draws attention to the importance of solidarity.

COVID-19 Joint Industry Statement

The IAF has co-signed a COVID-19 joint industry statement along with close to 60 other industry associations.

Open letter to G20 Employment Ministers from leaders of global industry organisations

We, the leadership of major global industry associations, call…

Employers, workers and major brands join ILO on call for action

The IAF has endorsed a call to action in which employer and worker organisations and leading brands and retailers working with the ILO commit to pay for finished goods and goods in production.

Message from Xiao Ling - Deputy Secretary General of CCCT

Let us join hands and tide over this crisis to maintain the stability of the global textile and apparel supply chain.

IAF Statement to ILO Director General during Conference Call IOE

Han Bekke and Matthijs Crietee participated in a call with ILO Director General today along with the IOE.