37th IAF World Fashion Convention in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The 37th IAF World Fashion Convention was being held from November 13 till 16 2022 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The convention was organized by IAF together with the Bangladeshi industry associations BGMEA and BKMEA as coorganizers. BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association) was setup in 1983 and is one of the largest trade associations in the country representing the readymade garment industry. BKMEA (Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association) is a national trade organization of Knitwear manufacturers in Bangladesh.

The Convention’s Theme: Transforming Fashion Together

The major challenges of our industry can only realistically be met when there is true collaboration between buyers and the key actors in their supply chains. Actually going beyond that, more than ever, garment manufacturers play a pivotal role in a successful industry transformation. From the perspective of the Bangladesh industry, this means that actually the Bangladeshi apparel industry is a source of solutions to the industry’s current major problems.

Unlocking these solutions requires investments. And investments require money and collaboration. A focus on investments, whether these are made by individual companies, or by the entire industry (i.e. in standardization) will create the kind of hands-on, business like and solution oriented yet wholistic approach that would be good to distinguishes the IAF World Fashion Convention from many other conferences.

Convention Program

Saturday November 12: IAF Golf Tournament

Sunday November 13: Board of Directors Meeting, General Assembly, Board of Directors Dinner

Monday November 14: Conference Day IAF

Tuesday November 15: IAF Committee Meetings

Wednesday November 16: Factory Tour

Thursday November 17: Factory Tour and GIZ TSL Award Dinner

Knowledge Paper


We had again been able to assemble an international, diverse and strong cast of speakers. The quality of the speakers was high, featuring a mix of c-level speakers from brands, retailers, manufacturers and associations and top class suppliers to the industry.

Faruque Hassan, President, BGMEA, Fazlee Shamin Ehsan, President, BKMEA, Cem Altan, President IAF

Keynote 1: The Impact of Europe’s Green Deal, Dirk Vantyghem, Director General, EURATEX
Keynote 2: Wrapping up the Day with Global Trends, Edward Hertzman, President Sourcing Journal

Panel 1: Creating Better Supply Chains Together

  • Miran Ali, Vice President BGMEA
  • John Thorbeck, Chairman Chainge Capital
  • Roger Hubert, MD RSC.
  • Abdullah Al Maher, Head of Business, Asrotex Group

Panel 2: Climate and Financing: Reducing GHG Emissions Together

  • Selim R.F. Hussain, Chairman, Association of Bankers, Bangladesh
  • Tamara Wulf, Aii
  • Shujaat Ali, Senior Managing Director Target Sourcing Services
  • Akter Hossain Apurba (CIP), VP, BKMEA
  • Dr. Siva Pariti
  • Christopher Veit, CEO Veit GmbH

Panel 3: Education and Digitalisation

  • Ram Sareen, CEO Tukatech
  • Mostafa Abid Khan, Trade Analyst
  • Imran Ahmed, Shakti Foundation
  • Kathryn Davis Stevens, Mission Director, USAID Bangladesh

Panel 4: The Raw Material Angle

  • Julian Hügl, McKinsey
  • Florian Heubrandner, VP Global Textile Business Lenzing
  • Petri Alava, Infinited Fiber Company
  • Tanveer Ahmed, Group MD, Sheltec