About IAF

IAF is the world’s leading federation for apparel manufacturers, (SME) brands, their associations, and the supporting industry. IAF’s membership now includes apparel associations and companies from more than 40 countries, a membership that directly and indirectly represents over a hundred thousand companies and over 20 million employees. IAF brings its members together to jointly create stronger, smarter and more sustainable supply chains, it provides its members with valuable information and guidance and it represents its members on several international platforms working incessantly on more industry standardisation and harmonisation, industry collaboration and inclusiveness of solutions.

IAF News

Producer Association Initiative Agrees to Focus on Commercial Compliance to Improve Purchasing Practices

The Manufacturers Payment and Delivery Terms Initiative has taken an important step yesterday, concluding its phase 1 during its second Global Working Group Meeting.

Global Suppliers Band Together to Improve Purchasing Practices

Industry Associations from Turkey, Indonesia and Morocco join…

IAF and ITMF, in Collaboration with the ITC, Unveil SCI at OECD Forum

An initiative to accelerate reduction of audit and standard fatigue  During…

IAF collects, creates and distributes knowledge relevant for the apparel industry on a global level. We would like to encourage you to browse through these pages to find information and inspiration about one of the greatest industries on the planet. All of the knowledge displayed here shares a relation to IAF’s mission to unite the industry to support and stimulate the creation of stronger, smarter and more sustainable supply chains. You can access IAF’s special COVID-19 dossier, you will find links to IAF’s latest webinars, many of which deal with the improvement of the operation of global supply chains and you will find a selection of articles and presentations. Topics include our vision on standardization and harmonization, on changing business models, on sustainability, on education, on technological developments, etc.