Yeşim Signed the 13th Sustainability Report

Completing the necessary work according to the changing systematic this year, Yeşim signed the 13th sustainability report that it has prepared every year since 2009 within the framework of the Global Compact. Yeşim is among those who adopt the new systematic early and became one of the pioneers of an important process of change.

UN Global Compact has implemented an advanced reporting platform to add value to all its members and facilitate sustainability reporting. New progress report; It will provide the opportunity to increase the reputation and brand values of the member institutions, to measure the progress of the institutions, and to compare them with other companies in their sectors by transparently sharing their work on the “10 principles”. The new reporting system also aims to guide companies on which areas to focus on and in which areas to collect data.

With the new progress report, which came into effect in 2022, member companies were asked to respond to a standardized survey on a digital platform. Thus, a new process was entered, unlike the reporting system in the past, and Yeşim took her place among the early adopters of this new system. As of September 26, the new reporting system was made available to the public on the UN Global Compact website.