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Blockchain’s Future in Fashion

From their supply chains to their manufacturer lists, it used to be that companies never disclosed what goes onbehind closed doors. But in the wake of ethical issues and consumers’ wallet activism, the tides of the fashion industry, which undeniably has an image issue, are rapidly shifting.Thankfully, the red alerts haven’t gone completely unnoticed. Popular […]

IAF meetings with Bangladeshi members BGMEA, BKMEA and BUFT

IAF President Han Bekke and Secretary General Matthijs Crietee on Thursday November 29th visited member associations BGMEA and BKMEA and educational member BUFT in Dhaka. IAF was informed about the accelerating development the garment and knitting industry in Bangladesh. We were able to obtain a better view on the pressure the Bangladeshi garment industry faces […]

IAF speaks at CITI’s Global Textiles Conclave 2018 in Delhi

IAF President Han Bekke and Secretary General Matthijs Crietee on Tuesday November 27th attended the the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry’s (CITI) Global Textiles Conclave 2018. Han Bekke led a panel at this conference which included representatives of PVH and JC Penney, Birla Century and the Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association. The event was opened […]

2018 Taipei IN Style: Explore Sustainable Fashion and Functional Innovation

Taipei IN Style (TIS) was held from November 8th to 11th and emphasized the “Sustainable Fashion and Functional Innovation” in Taiwan’s high quality textile and apparel industry, which was illustrated by the following four themes: “Sustainable Fashion and Functional Innovation- the Power of Taiwanese Brands”, “International Exposure Projects – Presenting Asia’s Fashion Talents”, “Expanding Fashion […]

Gerber Launches FashionTech Platform 1.0

The personalization economy is creating challenges for fashion and apparel brands trying to keep pace with consumer expectations and needs. To address this need, Gerber Technology is launching FashionTech Platform 1.0, which includes software, equipment and consulting to set-up a purchase-activated fashion model with a digitally integrated e-commerce and on-demand design to print, cut and […]

Michael Hillmose Elected As President of GINETEX

Michael Hillmose has been unanimously elected as President of GINETEX at the last General Assembly of GINETEX held in Porto, Portugal, on 19 October. He will take his new responsibilities on 1 January 2019 for a period of two years. Previously, he was Vicepresident of GINETEX. As President of GINETEX, Michael Hillmose will pursue the […]

Alvanon Launches MOTIF Platform to Foster Online Learning

The MOTIF e-learning platform will connect apparel industry professionals around the world with the skills and expertise they need to transform their businesses, lives and careers   Global fashion innovations company Alvanon is set to launch MOTIF, a unique apparel knowledge and continual e-learning hub that will help solve the skills’ gap within the global apparel […]

Gerber Technology Acquires Avametric

Gerber Technology announced today that it has acquired San Francisco based Avametric. Avametric develops the world’s leading cloth simulation technology and enables fashion brands to deliver highly accurate 3D renderings of their products on customizable avatars for e-commerce and augmented reality (AR) applications.  This move will position Gerber as the leader in 3D for the […]