Creating a New Path for Turkish Apparel Industry: Digital Transformation!

“From Design to Production: Digital Transformation in the Apparel Sector Project” and the beneficiary of the project, Istanbul Apparel Exporters’ Association (IHKIB), intends to promote the competitiveness of SMEs in the apparel and textile sectors by increasing their capacity in the field of digital transformation while also providing environmentally friendly solutions.

IHKIB Digital Transformation Center opens the doors to the future
The Digital Transformation Center, which was established within the scope of the project, in cooperation of Istanbul Fashion Academy and İHKİB, provides services focused on digital transformation in the sector, planning new training courses that are free to the field in fashion design and presenting them to designers and SMEs, with the competencies acquired in the digital field. Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA) which was established in 2007 within the project “Fashion and Textile Cluster in Turkey” will play a crucial role in order to keep these trainings sustainable. In the project, raising the awareness of the sector in the field of social responsibility and conducting pilot applications are among the main objectives in this context

We have a word equivalent to quality, Ekoteks!
The project aims that new methods will be developed and implemented to detect harmful particles that pose a threat to both human and the environment in the content of textile products. In addition, within the scope of the project, research and development studies will be carried out on methods that will test Organic Turkish Cotton. EKOTEKS Laboratory established by İHKİB in 1998, will be strengthened by the use of technological products and the development of new analysis methods in more eco-friendly environment.