Alvanon and Istituto Secoli Team up to Protect Future Fashion Skills

Alvanon launches new Fit Studio in Milan in collaboration with Istituto Secoli. The Fit Studio will give Italian designers, patternmakers and retailers easy access to world’s leading fit tools.

Alvanon, the world’s foremost leader for size standards for the fashion industry, in partnership with Istituto Secoli, the first Italian fashion school recognized worldwide for its patternmaking courses and international reference point for the study of technical and applied design, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest Fit Studio in Milan. The Fit Studio at Istituto Secoli will enable designers, fashion brands and retailers to try their garments on full form physical mannequins in a safe and private space, ensuring their collections achieve the best possible fit for their target demographic.

The Fit Studio will offer dedicated design and fit space at Istituto Secoli offices. Featuring a full line-up of the Alvanon standard series, the European Standard fit forms* available in men’s and women’s, the studio can either be rented out by brands who are looking to test out their fit standards or used by designers practicing their skills on a form that represents realistic body shapes.

Alvanon has previously launched Fit Studios in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, New York and Shanghai. The company teamed up with Istituto Secoli for their Milan location. In an effort to help foster young talent, Alvanon and Istituto Secoli agreed to use 100% of the money earned from the Fit Studio for scholarships.

“We started the Fit Studio with the aim of making it accessible to all designers who may need it,” explains Janice Wang, CEO of Alvanon. “Each Fit Studio meets a different need depending on their location and we hope they attract new talent, brands and fashion companies alike who are looking to develop the skills they already have and practice their craft on full form mannequins, at the Fit Studio.”

Matteo Secoli, president of Istituto Secoli, said in a statement: “We are pleased with the collaboration with Alvanon. We chose their mannequins because they are very suited to our patternmaking methodology, but we are especially happy with the 3D avatars, which are compatible with all our educational 3D software and allow our students to considerably speed up all the design stages.” He explained: “This partnership has led us to want to open a Fit Studio within our Milan institute, the first in Italy, with the aim of supporting companies and professionals in the sector who need a space for fittings and for a made-to-measure tailored service.” He concluded: “Furthermore, Istituto Secoli has decided to continue investing in the training of young people, using the proceeds deriving from this activity for scholarships.”

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