18/11/21 Official Launch of bawear-score in Belgium and the Netherlands

As most of our Creamoda member companies already know, there is a growing need for data in relation to the environmental impact of textiles. Today we are taking another step closer to help the global textile and fashion industry become more transparent and credible about our environmental impact.

bAwear-score is a joint initiative of bAwear and Pré-Consultancy, the developer of SimaPro LCA software. Combining expertise on processes in the textile supply chain with world-leading LCA-software, they created a dedicated textile LCA tool with access to all major LCA databases and scientific publications on the impact of textiles and textiles production.

The bAwear-score software is designed to make the calculation of the environmental footprint of textiles more easy, reliable, transparent, cost-effective and less time-consuming. Enabling companies to create better insights and make credible claims on product footprint. Offering different solutions to calculate the LCA of a product, with depth and complexity of input data being the main differentiator.

With their tools :

YourQuestion, in four simple steps and within 5 minutes, users can quickly and easily calculate the general environmental impact of a product. It also offers the option to compare products while making the calculation.

YourHotspot, enables you to calculate the footprint of a specific area in your supply chain.

YourScenario, for more and deeper impact calculations of your entire supply chain to achieve a detailed and precise LCA calculation. Through a guided online questionnaire, the required data is collected and if not available, data is used from the proprietary database. All input data is then double checked and reviewed by experts to ensure completeness and correctness. The results of the LCA will then be reported through a standardized or customized format that can be used for internal – and or external communications.

After an initial successful trial test with multiple Belgian supply chain companies from our 3 National Federations bAwear is now moving towards the next step. Creating better insights into your environmental impact in a fast, user-friendly and cost-effective way.

Interested to start scoring your textiles on sustainability? For more information and the possibility for a demo, please visit their website, www.bAwear-score.com.