QIMA’s Q1 Barometer 2021

QIMA’s Q1 Barometer: Global Trade Covid Disruption Reveals Changes in Consumption Habits and Rampant Ethical Risks, as China Sourcing Beats the Odds

QIMA’s quarterly barometer report shares the latest global quality, compliance and trade trends based on the data analysis from tens of thousands of QIMA inspections and audits.

This quarter’s barometer looks at:

  • From patient zero to recovery and resilience – what is driving a slow yet steady trajectory towards sourcing recovery in China and other parts of Asia?
  • Consumer demand shocks prove more disruptive than supplier-side lockdowns – how are continued lockdowns, work-from-home orders and travel restrictions in the West impacting sourcing trends in Asia
  • Ethical risks nearing a critical mass – what is happening to ethics, human rights and compliance as brands continue to operate in “survival mode?”

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