FashionUnited: a Special Page on How COVID-19 is Affecting the Fashion Industry

FashionUnited, an independent and global content platform for the fashion industry has created a page for all published articles on how COVID-19 is affecting the fashion industry.

On this page FashionUnited publishes the latest updates about Covid-19 / Coronavirus. Please send relevant updates to Most positive coronavirus news currently comes from China. CCCT, the Chinese Textile and Apparel chamber of commerce, reports a positive trend in the resumption of operations in textile and apparel sectors. The capacity of production moved towards 80 percent of the normal situation. Logistics and port facilities are recovering. After surfacing in Wuhan late 2019, the draconian measures have worked even in Wuhan, and slowly but surely bring business back to normal. With Italy following China’s measures effect is expected in the next two weeks. Major apparel production countries, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Portugal and Morocco are operating at full capacity. Most other countries have taken Covid-19 seriously and are taking precautions to contain the virus to prevent Chinese and Italian scenario’s.

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