Yeşim Academy has become the center of Lean Training Program

Yeşim Academy hosted the Lean 2.0 Lean Essential Training for the second time. Nike’s suppliers from Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Bulgaria also attended program in Yeşim Textile. This training program aims to spread the lean manufacturing and management culture among all Nike manufacturers and its correct implementation.

Nike lean training program which is only organized in Sri Lanka was held for the first time in Turkey last year at Yeşim Academy. Lean Basic 2.0 which has been held for the second time in Turkey and as the third global training program was also successfully completed recently hosted by Yeşim Textile. Under the leadership of Nike LeanTraining Director Himashel Alwis, one of Yeşim’s strategic partners, lean training continued for two weeks in theoretical and production fields. A total of 26 people including Yeşim employees as well as participants from other manufacturers of Nike participated in the program. Yeşim Textile CEO Şenol Şankaya, Nike Lean Production Director Greg Boal and Nike Lean Training Director Himashel Alwis also gave speeches at the opening of the program.

The certificate ceremony of Lean Basic Training was held on Friday, March 1st with the participation of Nike and Yeşim Textile managers. In addition to the Lean Training Group consisting of 26 people, Yeşim Textile HR and Social Compliance Director Fatoş Hüseyinca, Supply Chain and Purchasing Director Ali Yayla, Garment Manager Gülten Pamir, Production and Operation Director Kerim Bayram, BU1 Nike Director Mazhar Kazancıoğlu, Quality Director Tunç Aydoğan, Finance Director Sualp Sözer, Continuous İmprovement Manager Ayşe Sülün, Nike Lean Training Director Himashel Alwis, Nike Lean Production Director Greg Boal and Nike Social Compliance Director Caner Soytas were also present. The participants of the ceremony received their certificates from Himashel Alwis, Greg Boal, Caner Soytas, Mazhar Kazancıoğlu and Fatoş Hüseyinca. The certificate ceremony ended after cutting the cake and cocktail program.