Opening doors to new markets for Turkish clothing manufacturers

London-based textile and apparel specialists, Trigon Select Ltd have teamed up with the International Apparel Federation (IAF), the global federation of the apparel industry, in offering a new evaluation and promotion programme to help suitable clothing manufacturers promote their services to the world’s garment buyers. The scheme rates manufacturers in an objective and technically well founded way in terms of industrial and business criteria, such as their investment in machinery, the skill levels of their staff, their systems of production management, their ability to communicate effectively etc.

Trigon Select Ltd has developed the performance evaluation and promotion programme for garment manufacturers with the German apparel industry association ‘GermanFashion’. The IAF recognises  a similar demand from its members that German Fashion has. Apparel Associations representing brands and buyers would like to present their members with qualified lists of manufacturers when they ask their association to help them find a new supplier. Associations representing mainly manufacturers are always looking for better ways to market their members among potential buyers.

The performance evaluations are always carried out in plant by highly-experienced Trigon Select assessors. The findings will be published on the ‘Trigon Select database for the IAF’. Following German Fashion, the IAF will work with many of its members with this new approach as an effective way to better connect supply and demand in the garment industry by increasing the transparency of the apparel supply chain.

More detailed information on ‘Trigon Select’s Apparel Supplier Evaluation & Promotion Programme for the IAF’ is available at

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