Two new European National Members for GINETEX: Norway and Slovakia

Norsk Industri and VÚTCH-CHEMITEX will represent the international care labelling symbol system for the textile and fashion companies in Norway and Slovakia respectively.
Following its last General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark, GINETEX is happy to welcome two new European countries to represent, promote and defend the use of textile care labels. GINETEX is already widely represented in the majority of the European countries, in North Africa and in Brazil, reaching today 21 National Members worldwide.
« We are happy to welcome Norsk Industri and VÚTCH-CHEMITEX for Norway and Slovakia
respectively. These two new Members reinforce the international development goal of GINETEX. It
represents one more step to the standardization and harmonization process of GINETEX’s textile care
labels system, today represented by 21 international entities”, indicates Thomas Rasch, President of

In Slovakia, since 45 years, VÚTCH-CHEMITEX is a specialized Center of Research in Textile Chemistry, in development, innovations and treatment of textile, based in the city of Žilina. Over the last 15 years, our entity had responded to more than 1800 requests of companies within the field of testing in laboratories, certification process and R&D.

“I am sure that our future cooperation with GINETEX as an active National Member will be profitable
for our members in Slovakia”, is happy to emphasize Dr. Josef Šesták, General Manager and CEO of VÚTCH-CHEMITEX, Ltd.c.
In Norway, Norsk Industri is the main industrial organisation with more than 2 550 Norwegian industrial companies who work in very diversified sectors. With regards to textile, these companies produce a variety of textile products for Norway and export markets.

« We are glad to become a member of GINETEX as we think that the membership will be a good
supplement to the benefits we can offer to our members”, indicates Kari Rømcke, Director Textile
Sector, Norsk Industri.

Already active in Finland, Denmark and Sweden, with Norsk Industri in Norway GINETEX completes
its presence in Northern Europe. Represented in Slovenia and now in Slovakia by VÚTCH-CHEMITEX, GINETEX should also pursue agreements with others Eastern European institutions, which play an important role in textile and garment.

VÚTCH-CHEMITEX and NORSK INDUSTRI will communicate towards Slovakian and Norwegian textile manufacturers, distributors and consumers to promote the textile care labeling code, symbolized by the GINETEX five symbols trademark and the GINETEX logo.

Thomas Rasch, President of GINETEX is “very happy to welcome VÚTCH-CHEMITEX and NORSK
INDUSTRI as GINETEX National Members by representing Slovakia and Norway respectively. The
impact of our cooperation to promote the textile care symbols to the textile and the garment sectors
of their respective countries is a good thing. The arrival of two new European Members underlines the
importance and the trend towards the standardization and the harmonization of the ISO 3758
standard, guarantee of the labeling code of textile care by symbols”.

Ginetex, the International Association for Textile Care Labelling, was first founded in Paris in 1963
following several international Symposiums for Textile Care Labelling at the end of the 1950’s.
GINETEX has devised an internationally applicable care labelling system for textiles based on
symbols. The pictograms used are registered trademarks and are the GINETEX property. The care
labelling system gives consumers and textile companies the correct information on the care
treatment of textile products. The processes indicated by the symbols will avoid any irreversible
damage to the product. GINETEX is composed by 21 national organisation members. These
organisations represent all interested parties concerned with textile care and labelling.

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