Roll-to-Roll Magnetron Sputtering System

—- High performance metallic textile manufacturing

Metallizing is a redesign and finishing process, which improves functionalities and add decorative value to standard goods. Based on a systematical research of sputtering coating technology, a novel metallizing machine for high performance metallic textiles’ production, Roll-to-Roll (RtR) magnetron sputtering system, has been successfully developed by Dr. Kinor Jiang, Associate Professor in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and his research team by the supports of Innovation and Technology Fund (ITP/012/11TP) and sponsoring companies TAL Apparel Limited and Kaiping Xindi Dyeing Mill Co., Ltd from 2011 to 2014.

IMGP5322-1The prototype system mainly consists of the vacuum, RtR, stencilling and sputtering components. It is a new facility toward effectively producing large-size functional and decorative metallic textiles. A stencil-plate film in the stencilling pattern roll device can move circularly and concurrent with the fabric for making pattern continuously.

Various fabrics with woven and non-woven structures can be treated by the system.The characteristics of the treated fabrics have been evaluated, which are in accordance with international specifications. More importantly, the production preocess is environmental-friendly, which is altered in non-aqueous conditions without discharging any polluted water and injurant.

P1090477-1The coated textiles by the RtR system have functional advantages like water repellence, anti-static, anti-bacteria, UV shielding, radiation protection, electromagnetic wave shielding, superior permeability and soft handle. For decorative aspect, they have metallic appearances which can show various lights, shadows, and colors in different space environments. It is an ideal approach to produce high value-added functional and decorative textiles which can be applied into high-end fashion items and accessories with metallic performance.

The main components of the system and the specific technologies receive the protection of intellectual-property, which are Formation process for textile design through magnetron sputtering technology (authorized China patent: 200910209008), A roll-to-roll magnetron sputtering machine with pattern formation function (authorized China patent: 2014205822173). And the textiles produced by the system have achieved many prizes like Silver Medal for 40th International Exhibition Inventions New Techniques and Products (2012), Special Award for The Invention Romanian Association for Nonconventional Technologies (2012), Bronze Prize for Fabrics China – Design Competition (2015), Silver Prize for JeansWest Design Competition (2015).

The RtR magnetron sputtering system is an efficient, environmental-friendly and continuously processing machine, which is highly appreciated by the textile experts. The textiles produced through this system will absolutely lead the fashion trend in future.

For more information, please contact the principle investigator:
Dr. S. X. Kinor Jiang
Associate professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tel: (852) 2766 6430

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