Unified efforts in dealing with insolvencies

With the bankruptcy of warehouse V&D in the Netherlands, the advantages of collective credit management are evident. 1800 suppliers have been the victim of this bankruptcy, of which a good portion are suppliers in apparel and textiles. Stocks, continuing production, web sales and shop-in-shop are all involved and require specific knowledge on how to deal with the settlement of this bankruptcy. In the first week of the bankruptcy, Modint met with dozens of suppliers in apparel and textiles and  collectively went into negotiations with the curators. And not without success. In the negotiations the suppliers received a significant better offer for their property owned goods. Next to that, Modint will function as an interlocutor for a possible relaunch. Modint will not only represent Dutch suppliers, but also suppliers from countries outside the Netherlands like Germany and Turkey. More information on international credit management? Please contact Modint Credit & Finance: vanderhoorn@modint.nl

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