Information Specialist

Josien Feenstra started working for MODINT in March 2003 as an information specialist. After graduating from the Hogeschool of Amsterdam, Josien worked for Euroclip, an article clipping service in the Netherlands. She has also worked as a researcher for Citigate First Financial, an investor relations company in Amsterdam.

Within the MODINT team Josien foresees the consultants, sales and other departments with information regarding economic figures, technical information, export, and the Dutch market. Besides that Josien also keeps up ‘what’s going on in the market’, and ‘alerts’ clients about it. Another activity is the website, to keep it up and maintain it. On a regular basis the IAF database, empowered by MODINT, makes a selection of reports and/or articles related to the apparel chain that might by interesting for you to read. These reports are organized and prepared by Josien.