Project Manager

Ton Wiedenhoff (1966) has over 30 years of experience in collaborating with manufacturing and supplier partners in the textile industry in various Asian and Southern European countries. Ton’s expertise in sourcing, production, purchase, overseas office management and many other aspects of the industry has always lead to fruitful partnerships and progress in achieving a sustainable supply chain for all partners. He gained expert knowledge and a reliable network in Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Turkey, Greece, Portugal etc.

He was managing partner and owner of Dutch Brand House, Falcon Sportswear and Sjeng Sports, focusing on the management of their headquarters and concentrating on purchase, product and production management and logistics.

His field of expertise also includes finding and managing private label collection productions for well-known local and international brands.

After obtaining his BA in Commercial Economics at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, Ton started his career in the garment industry as the short term delivery buyer stationed in Turkey and Greece for the Borneo Sumatra Trading Company as well as the Borsumij Wehry Gmbh,.

Before establishing his own enterprises, Ton was responsible for purchase and the supply chain at Robey Sportswear, Global Fashion Group (Cruyff Sports) and K.Swiss Fashion Int.

In January 2016 Ton started Wiedenhoff Consultancy, offering his expertise, experience and management skills to various branded and non-branded garment importers and producers. The focus lies on the sustainable integration and more efficient organization of the supply chain. He is also the project manager of the International Apparel Federation. In this capacity he was the keynote speaker on the SSGS in September 2016 in Dhaka on behalf of the IAF. Other activities in 2016 include international presentations, at the Première Vision and other events, as well as being a lecturer for International Fashion studies.

In 2017 he is the IAF project manager for leading the development of the “Training courses Collaborative Sourcing in Bangladesh”.