Global Apparel Sourcing Expo (GASE)

During the three-day conference program of the Global Apparel Sourcing Expo, the main challenges of the apparel and textile industry were addressed and discussed. Industry experts gave their insights and opinions on the topics of Sustainability & CSR post COVID-19, Shifts in Global Trade, and Digital Product Development as the New Normal. A selection of videos may be replayed here.

GASE: Cem Altan (IHKIB)

Sourcing Advantages of Turkey in Apparel Supply Chain

GASE: Han Bekke (IAF)

The Perfect Storm for Rebooting the Apparel Supply Chain

GASE: Edward Hertzman (Sourcing Journal)

The Economic Model of Sustainability

GASE: Avedis H. Seferian (WRAP)

A New Paradigm for Social Compliance in the Post-Pandemic World