The shipping of samples from factories to Europe has been one of the most expensive and polluting parts of the supply chain. Both production and sales samples are usually shipped out with fast courier services. A new process has been created in which part of the samples is being ‘slowed down’ and put on a consolidated weekly regular air shipment. In this process, every sample is monitored and judged on its time critical aspects. If needed, it will continue with courier service, if not, it will move to the weekly airfreight. This process has been tested and made operational in 2019, with China as the main focus. Apart from the better CO2 performance, financial savings for the participating companies have been around 30%.

CO2 Improve for IAF members

As an IAF member you can enter into a partnership with CO₂ Improve. Please contact us or Greenway Logistics for an appointment and more information. We will provide you with a CO₂ Improve partner package to be able to offer to your members. Together we can offer (certified) monitoring and motivate fashion and textile companies to be greener and cleaner.

Participating in the CO₂ Improve program works as follows:

  • The company contacts CO₂ Improve for a meeting and introduction
  • Together we discuss the company’s ambitions and CO₂ reduction targets,
    and fill in the CO₂ Improve questionnaire
  • Collecting of shipping data
  • Monitoring and calculating the companies’ CO₂ footprint
  • Provide and review monitoring results
  • Action plan: advice and support for CO₂ footprint improvements
  • Annual monitoring CO₂ reduction
  • CO₂ Improve provides a certified report that complies with international standards for calculating CO₂ emissions of transport (GLEC / Greenhouse protocol)

Prepare for future demands from customers, governments, accountants and NGOs. Hands on support is available to help you with your set up. We welcome all participants in exploring their individual possibilities to work on a more sustainable logistics.

CO₂ Improve. Don’t compensate. Innovate.