IAF has launched its ‘CO₂ Improve’ initiative, aiming to help the worldwide fashion & lifestyle community to do better when it comes to CO₂ emissions through fashion logistics. A standardization of the CO₂ monitoring has become very  important, to create a level playing field for the worldwide fashion & lifestyle community, and to end the chaos that is being created by the ever growing amount of national and generic monitoring systems, with many different and often dubious outcomes. The ‘CO₂ Improve initiative’ initiates and supports the creation of  the worldwide industry standard  for measuring CO₂ emissions through fashion logistics. Additionally and importantly, the initiative supports the fashion industry in reducing the carbon footprint of its logistics operations by innovating and by cooperating. It’s about improving instead of compensating.


Many transport companies offer CO2 monitoring as a (paid) service. Surprisingly, the outcome of this monitoring can often be quite different for the same shipment at another transport company. Often, there is a lack of insight in the calculations behind the monitoring. This has led to some European government initiatives to create reliable monitoring. This means a thorough analysis of the actual performance of any company, working with fixed standards.

The next step will be an official certification of the CO2 footprint of any company, even going so far that accountants will need to sign; and in future possible CO2 tax being introduced. In the light of these developments, the industry associations are coordinating their efforts to create a high quality CO2 monitoring that will meet the future standards.

To conclude, it starts with learning more and analysing what is the most interesting part for you. Members of your national industry association receive free support. Also, all the initiatives are in the hands of a number of selected logistic companies, which are operating under the collective umbrella of the associations. Hands on support is also available to help you with your set up.

Available concepts for CO2 improvement

Driven by the rapid growth in attention for sustainable logistics, a number of specific logistic concepts has been created or perfected to lower the CO2 footprint of any company in the European Fashion, Textile and Sports industry. These concepts are all tested and proven successful, and are available to all. All of them are pragmatic in their set up, and all of them contribute to a more sustainable supply chain.

CO2 Improve for IAF members

As an IAF member you can enter into a partnership with CO₂ Improve. Please contact us or Greenway Logistics for an appointment and more information. We will provide you with a CO₂ Improve partner package to be able to offer to your members. Together we can offer (certified) monitoring and motivate fashion and textile companies to be greener and cleaner.

Participating in the CO₂ Improve program works as follows:

  • The company contacts CO₂ Improve for a meeting and introduction
  • Together we discuss the company’s ambitions and CO₂ reduction targets,
    and fill in the CO₂ Improve questionnaire
  • Collecting of shipping data
  • Monitoring and calculating the companies’ CO₂ footprint
  • Provide and review monitoring results
  • Action plan: advice and support for CO₂ footprint improvements
  • Annual monitoring CO₂ reduction
  • CO₂ Improve provides a certified report that complies with international standards for calculating CO₂ emissions of transport (GLEC / Greenhouse protocol)

Prepare for future demands from customers, governments, accountants and NGOs. Hands on support is available to help you with your set up. We welcome all participants in exploring their individual possibilities to work on a more sustainable logistics.

CO₂ Improve. Don’t compensate. Innovate.