Podcast: Manufactured x GIZ FABRIC: Matthijs Crietee on How to Achieve Supply Chain Partnership

In the second episode, Matthijs Crietee offers some concrete examples of partnership models.

Podcast: Manufactured x GIZ FABRIC: Matthijs Crietee on Enforcing Commercial Compliance

This is part one of the conversation between Manufactured and Matthijs Crietee, Secretary General (IAF).

Podcast: The Outlook for Global Apparel Markets

Various forces affect the international trade of textiles and apparel, from the effects of the global pandemic, to government trade policies, and how the global apparel trade may be shaped in future years.

Webinar: CITI Conclave - Attracting FDI in Apparel Manufacturing in South Asia

Panel discussion during the CITI Conclave on February 24, discussing 'Attracting FDI in Apparel Manufacturing in South Asia'.

Webinar: Future Supply Chain Relations - Production Countries' Perspectives and Expectations

On November 25th, the panel discussion “Future Supply Chain Relations: Producing Countries’ Perspectives and Expectations” took place virtually as part of the 6th Members Meeting of the Partnership of Sustainable Textiles (PST)

Webinar: Shared Risk and Reward in the Fashion Supply Chain

Creating a better retail margin, at less risk, requires investment in process innovation. What investment should retailers and suppliers make, and how can it create value both upstream and downstream?

Webinar: Digital Transformation Best Practices

In IHKIB's webinar, the effects of digital transformation on the fashion industry were evaluated and presented to IHKIB's members and other participants.

Webinar: Environment & Waste Management and CSR Practices

In iHKiB's webinar on “Environment & Waste Management and CSR Practices”, the conclusion was that the improvement of the ‘environmental performance’ of apparel products should be undertaken jointly by all stakeholders.

Webinar: New Fashion Delivery Calendar

IAF hosted a webinar about the new fashion delivery calendar. Three world class speakers explained the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis on the production chain’s calendar.

Webinar: Export Opportunities

iHKiB (supported by IAF) held a webinar on export opportunities.