Webinar: CITI Conclave - Attracting FDI in Apparel Manufacturing in South Asia

Panel discussion during the CITI Conclave on February 24, discussing 'Attracting FDI in Apparel Manufacturing in South Asia'.

Webinar: Future Supply Chain Relations - Production Countries' Perspectives and Expectations

On November 25th, the panel discussion “Future Supply Chain Relations: Producing Countries’ Perspectives and Expectations” took place virtually as part of the 6th Members Meeting of the Partnership of Sustainable Textiles (PST)

Webinar: Shared Risk and Reward in the Fashion Supply Chain

Creating a better retail margin, at less risk, requires investment in process innovation. What investment should retailers and suppliers make, and how can it create value both upstream and downstream?

Webinar: Digital Transformation Best Practices

In IHKIB's webinar, the effects of digital transformation on the fashion industry were evaluated and presented to IHKIB's members and other participants.

Webinar: Environment & Waste Management and CSR Practices

In iHKiB's webinar on “Environment & Waste Management and CSR Practices”, the conclusion was that the improvement of the ‘environmental performance’ of apparel products should be undertaken jointly by all stakeholders.

Webinar: New Fashion Delivery Calendar

IAF hosted a webinar about the new fashion delivery calendar. Three world class speakers explained the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis on the production chain’s calendar.

Webinar: Export Opportunities

iHKiB (supported by IAF) held a webinar on export opportunities.

Webinar: Shaping the Future of Textile and Apparel Industry Globally

Pegasus Consultancy, IAF and PRGMEA organized a webinar on global trends of business have changed rapidly. Business practices need to be transformed accordingly.

Webinar: Insights from the International Manufacturing Community

The apparel supply chain is being hit hard by COVID-19. In episode 6 of  FACT (The Fashion Community Talk) Matthijs Crietee, Secretary General (IAF), is being interviewed about the subject by Setlog's Guido Brackelsberg.

Webinar: Reboot – Rebuild – Rebound: Fashion Industry Ready for Resurrection?

The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered a shock to the global economy and to the broader fashion industry; dominant concerns from sustainable materials sourcing to carbon reduction to workers’ rights have faded out where businesses are scrambling to manage their operations and economic distress.