Fair Wear’s launches HRDD Academy

In the context of a strategic partnership between IAF and Fair Wear, IAF members and their constituents now have access to Fair Wear’s 25 years of practical experience with human rights due diligence (HRDD). Benefiting from a very substantial IAF discount, the “HRDD Academy” helps brands get to grips with current and future regulatory requirements. Also highly relevant for manufacturers that want to see first-hand what their customers have to fulfil in terms of due diligence actions and reporting.

With the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (EU-CSDDD) on its way, the HRDD Academy educates users in depth on all six steps of OECD-based due diligence, which is a different approach to CSR than what most of us are used to from the past. This new standard is a risk-based, whole-of-the-supply chain approach that requires a different way of organizing buyer-supplier relationships, making them more equitable and more conducive to reducing human rights and environmental risks. The HRDD Academy offers a strong foundational knowledge set in the daily practice of a brand sourcing from its supply chain partners. It reflects the vast experience built up with Fair Wear’s frontrunner member brands and its broad stakeholder network.

More information on the HRDD Academy and accompanying package offers will be shared in the next IAF newsletter. So stay tuned. Want to learn more already? Reach out to academy@fairwear.org or visit www.fairwear.org