Yeşim Group crowned its gender equity efforts

Yeşim Group, which was selected as one of the four WEPs Ambassadors in Türkiye thanks to its sustainable efforts in the field of gender equity, was honored with a certificate for its pioneering role in this important task.

The final setting of the WEPs Program, launched by UN Women Türkiye to raise awareness on gender equity, was held with the participation of WEPs Ambassador companies and private sector representatives.

Yeşim Group, the first signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) in its sector and selected as a WEPs Ambassador by UN Women for its exemplary work in Türkiye, had the opportunity to disseminate its successful advocacy and leadership experiences gained through its long years of work by sharing them with the pilot companies it was paired with. Yeşim Group, which assumed a consultancy role within the scope of the “Turning Promises Into Action” WEPs Program, was honored with a certificate for its contributions to the program. Corporate Communications Director Dilek Cesur received the certificate on behalf of Yeşim Group from UN Women Türkiye Country Director Asya Varbanova.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, UN Women Türkiye Country Director Asya Varbanova emphasized that Türkiye is a global leader in the number of WEPs signatory companies in the private sector, ranking 2nd in the world. Varbanova said, “We are grateful to our participant companies and WEPs Ambassadors in the Turning Promises Into Action WEPs Program for their strong commitment to providing more equal and inclusive working conditions for society.”

Making a statements on the subject, Dilek Cesur said that the leadership and advocacy work carried out in the field of gender equity was an important factor in Yeşim Group, one of the first WEPs signatories in Türkiye, receiving this title. Cesur added that they are very pleased and proud to be selected as a WEPs Ambassador as one of the four companies to provide consultancy to the 10 companies in Türkiye selected for this pilot project.