Cultivating Change: Interloop’s Sustainable Farming Odyssey

In a landmark year, Interloop Limited reaffirms its commitment to sustainable agriculture in Pakistan. From Interloop Organic Kapas (ILOK) to the forthcoming Interloop Regen Kapas, the company asserts leadership in responsible farming practices. Celebrating the conclusion of the IC-2 certification audit for ILOK, Interloop showcases agility in addressing market dynamics and ensuring sustained enthusiasm among partner farmers.

Launching in 2024, Interloop Regen Kapas partners with 1000 farmers on 5000 acres, aiming for enhanced soil fertility, reduced environmental impact, resilient farming systems, and elevated livelihoods.

Central to transparency is Looptrace, Interloop’s traceability solution, tracing every cotton fibre back to its origin. With over 58,000 registered farmers, Looptrace defines Interloop’s pledge: progress without obscuring processes – from farm to fashion.

Interloop’s sustainable farming journey is a testament to the earth and its stewards, fostering a future where each thread in its products tells a story of regeneration and resilience.