Unveiling Excellence: The 78th National Garment Fair

Having successfully accomplished 77 editions, National Garment Fair is a prominent Apparel sourcing platform for the domestic market. Some glimpses into the participation, diverse fashion, brand collaborations and legacy of the largest conglomeration of retailers and manufacturers.

The Indian fashion industry is gearing up for a spectacular showcase of trends, innovations, and business opportunities at the upcoming 78th National Garment Fair (NGF). Scheduled to take place from 29-31 January 2024 at the Bombay Exhibition Center located in NESCO Complex, Goregaon, Mumbai, this edition promises to be an extravaganza highlighting ongoing and upcoming spring-summer fashion trends for men, women, children and fashion accessories.

Exclusive participation by CMAI

The NGF stands as a symbol of exclusivity, and permits participation only to members of the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI). This exclusivity ensures that the participants are at the forefront of industry excellence, representing the best in men’s, women’s and kids’ fashion and accessories’ categories.

Showcasing diversity in fashion

The exhibitors at NGF collectively present the latest trends and collections across the diverse spectrum for varied sections like men, women, kids, and accessories. It is anticipated that the fair will attract a substantial crowd, with an expected trade visitor count of around 18,000 to 20,000.

Exclusive benefits for participants

Participants in the 78th National Garment Fair gain preference for participation in the subsequent 79th National Garment Fair, scheduled to be held in July 2024 in Mumbai. This forward-thinking approach encourages sustained engagement and commitment from industry players, thus fostering a sense of continuity and long-term collaboration.

The NGF legacy

The National Garment Fair, organized biannually by CMAI, holds a prestigious status as India’s most respected trade fair in the apparel and fashion accessories sector. The event serves as a pivotal platform that connects national and regional brands, manufacturers, and designers with Indian retailers and their distribution channels. The diverse participant pool includes importers, high street retailers, agents, distributors, and e-commerce companies.

A hub for industry collaboration

The fair’s significance lies in its role as the largest conglomeration of retailers and manufacturers, consolidating itself as a single sourcing destination. This consolidation proves invaluable in terms of efficiency—both in time and cost—for participants. The NGF facilitates seamless networking and collaboration opportunities, fostering the growth and development of the entire fashion ecosystem.

Building a sustainable fashion future

In conclusion, the 78th National Garment Fair stands as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and business opportunities in the Indian fashion industry. With its exclusive participation criteria, standardized stalls, and the promise of continued engagement for participants, this edition is set to elevate the standards of the apparel and fashion accessories sector.

As a twice-yearly celebration of fashion, the NGF not only showcases the latest trends but also actively contributes to the building of a sustainable and thriving future for the Indian fashion landscape. As the industry eagerly anticipates the event, it is clear that the 78th National Garment Fair will be a monumental chapter in the journey of Indian fashion and commerce.


The 78th National Garment Fair

  • 925 Exhibitors
  • 1120 Participating Brands
  • 1025 Stalls
  • 700000 Sq. Feet Exhibition Area spread across 7 Halls
  • Expected 18000 to 20000 trade visitors

Ø  When: 29–31 January 2024

Ø  Where: Bombay Exhibition Center, NESCO Complex, Goregaon, Mumbai

Ø  Diverse collection: Fashion trends for Men, Women, Kids, and Accessories