Interloop Limited Collaborates with Simply Suzette on “Unpeeled”

Interloop Limited Collaborates with Simpl ySuzette on “Unpeeled”: Redefining Sustainable Fashion

In a ground breaking partnership, Interloop Limited and Simply Suzette come together to launch “Unpeeled”, a collaboration that offers a fresh narrative on farm to fashion. By uniting Simply Suzette’s unwavering commitment to responsible fashion with Interloop’s innovative expertise and vision for transparency, the collaboration promises to deliver a collection like no other.

The Layers of “Unpeeled”:
Collaborative Craftsmanship: This partnership signifies more than just a collaboration between two brands. It’s an alignment of vision and values. At the core of “Unpeeled” lies Interloop’s LoomshakeTM yarn, a remarkable blend of cotton and banana fiber. Born from the ambition to prioritize environmental stewardship, this material harnesses the potential of discarded resources, turning them into fashion-forward designs.

Honoring the Farmers: Both Simply Suzette and Interloop believe in the profound importance of recognizing the silent contributors to the fashion industry: the farmers. Each piece from “Unpeeled” is a love letter to their dedication, telling stories of the land they tend and the fruits they nurture.

Traceability and Transparency: In a combined commitment to transparency, the collaboration embraces Looptrace technology, Interloop’s proprietary traceability solution. This ensures that every garment’s story—from field to fashion—can be shared with and appreciated by its user.

Fashion’s Future: Drawing on Interloop’s penchant for innovation and Simply Suzette’s eco-conscious ethos, the collection employs the cutting-edge CLO3D technology and novel spinning methods. This symbiotic relationship highlights a future where fashion can be both trendy and tech-y.

This collaboration seeks not just to unveil a new collection but to set a precedent in the fashion industry. It’s a testament to the transformative power of teamwork, a combination of Simply Suzette’s and Interloop’s mutual passion for environmental stewardship pushed forward through innovative fashion.

Join Interloop Limited and Simply Suzette in celebrating this collaboration and experience the layers of “Unpeeled” by coming to the popup event on October 17 th from 3pm-7pm at the Droog, Amsterdam.

Details and registration here.

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