Yeşim Kindergarten: Creating Value for 35 years

Yeşim Kindergarten, which has celebrated the 35th anniversary of its foundation with a well-attended fête, has graduated thousands of children and prepared them for the future since its establishment. The Yeşim Group, which is preparing to go beyond its 40th year in October, and Yeşim Kindergarten, which has witnessed most of that history and is an important part of this deep-rooted structure, will continue to support women’s empowerment in business life by serving for many more years.

Yeşim Kindergarten, which has an invaluable influence both in terms of its contribution to the rate of women’s participation in the business world and Yeşim’s female employees’ feeling of trust and peace of mind while they are at work, has continued to provide service under the Yeşim roof since 1988. In the kindergarten, which has a capacity for 1000 children and which Yeşim’s employees benefit from free of charge, approximately 300 children in the 0-6 age group receive free education.

Yeşim Kindergarten not only shares the greatest burden of working mothers but is also a modern facility that contributes to the increase in female employees’ productivity and to their loyalty to the organization. At Yeşim Kindergarten, the aim is to develop children’s personal and social aspects by providing an education in parallel with that provided by private kindergartens. Yeşim Kindergarten, which is shown as an example of model practice on many international platforms and as a role model for the business world, has celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. Yeşim brought the parents and children together at a well-attended fête specially organized for this meaningful year. While the children attending the fête enjoyed themselves to their hearts’ content at the activity stands and inflatable playgrounds, they also had the chance to taste various treats.

The Yeşim Group CEO Şenol Şankaya made the opening speech at the fête. After Mr. Şankaya’s speech, the fête programme began. Attending the event held on a sunny day, the children enjoyed the fête by having fun at stands such as the magic show, bubble show, inflatable playgrounds, face painting and sausage balloons.