Yeşim Hosted the SLCP Training Meeting

The Yeşim Group hosted the 2nd meeting in Turkey this year of the international platform named the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP), which was created with the participation of the world’s leading apparel brands and manufacturers and enables the audits conducted within the scope of social compliance processes to be managed through a common platform.

The Netherlands-based “SLCP” Platform, which set out to bring together under one roof global brands such as Inditex, H&M, and Nike, which also make large purchases from Turkey, many suppliers of the textile and apparel industry value chain, audit companies, and sectoral organizations, aims to improve working conditions in global supply chains by eliminating the need for duplicative social compliance audits through the joint audits that are carried out.

The second training meeting in Turkey this year of the SLCP Platform, which organizes information sessions in different countries in order to inform brands and suppliers about the operation of the platform, was held at the Yeşim Academy and hosted by the Yeşim Group.

The Yeşim Group’s Human Resources and Organizational Development VP Behiç Gülşen, who made the opening speech at the meeting, stated that he was very happy to host such an event and said, “The Yeşim Group is a global company that manufactures for world brands. When we consider this, I can say that our social compliance conditions are regularly audited by these brands. As a company, we take special care to come out of these audits by gaining from them, to always organize, develop, and systematize things, to do better than what has already been done, and thus to progress by putting this in place. Previously, we used to evaluate these processes by doing individual work, but I can see here that the SLCP Platform aims to bring us all up to a certain point by aligning us. I think this is very valuable and therefore, I believe that today’s training session will be very productive and enjoyable for everyone”.

The Yeşim Group’s Social Compliance Manager Ahmet Öztürk, who gave information about the Yeşim Group’s approach to social compliance and sustainability and shared the SLCP experiences and recommendations of Yeşim in its position as a manufacturer, said, “At Yeşim, we have almost all the certifications that can be obtained in the textile industry, especially OEKO-TEX SteP and SA8000. At the same time, since we are a global company that manufactures for world brands, every brand we work with used to perform its own audits. This turned out to be a serious workload for us. Looking at the present, we are in the position of completing the last year with 8 audits. From our point of view, I can say that this is the most value-added aspect of the SLCP Platform”.

Speaking at the training meeting, which was moderated by the SLCP Platform Support Coordinator Sevinç Aktaş İlgün, the SLCP Platform Senior Operations Manager Sharon Hesp informed the participants about the Platform and the brands that had accepted the program data. The meeting, at which Nike 360 Turkey Office Director Caner Soytaş shared his brand experiences and recommendations, concluded with a question-answer session followed by a group photo shoot.