Inequality deepens in times of crisis

A seminar focused on the earthquake was held within the scope of 8 March International Women’s Day with the subject of ‘Gender Equality Deepening in Crisis Periods’ in cooperation with Global Compact Turkey, Global Compact Turkey Women’s Empowerment Bursa Platform and UN Women Turkey.

The program which is organized with the method of webinar and focused on the earthquake disaster brought up gender-sensitive crisis management and how the business world can approach crises from the perspective of gender equality. Global Compact Turkey Deputy Chairman of the Board Dr. Erdal Karamercan and UN Women Turkey Deputy Country Director Zeliha Ünaldı took part in the program as speakers in the moderation of Dilek Cesur, who is Yeşim Corporate Communications Director and Global Compact Turkey Board Member.

The situations such as the excess of roles and responsibilities in society, the restriction of freedom of expression due to stereotypes and social pressure, and the fact that physical conditions lead women to the background, bring the issue of gender equality to the top in times of crisis. The speakers participating in the webinar also raised awareness by bringing the effects of earthquake disaster, migration and adaptation to new living conditions on the agenda, and drew attention to the importance of increasing supportive activities.

Yeşim Group is among the coordinators of the Global Compact Turkey Women’s Empowerment Bursa Platform. Yeşim continues to work to strengthen women’s place in society by taking an active role in all activities of the Platform.