Yeşim Group’s Support to the Disaster Area

Many companies, institutions and organizations in Turkey mobilized after the earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey on 6th February and caused many losses of lives. Companies affiliated to Yeşim Group were among those who provided aid to the region.

Yeşim Group, which took action to heal the wounds of the disaster to some extent, organized aid trucks by joining forces with all its locations. In the first stage, 3 trucks consisting of 65 thousand adult and child tracksuits and 500 pairs of shoes from Yeşim Bursa Factory reached the disaster area. In addition, 1 truckload of aid materials such as blankets, adult and children’s clothes, winter shoes, diapers, baby food, packaged dry food, hygiene products, health kits, etc. provided by Bursa Factory employees and producer partners were delivered to the earthquake victims. In addition, about 500 Yeşim employees donated 20 tons of oil, flour, rice and sugar supplies to the earthquake zone, provided to them by the company.

The Uşak Factory, a subsidiary of the Group, also sent 9,500 sheets to the region. The aid provided by Ağrı Factory employees was also delivered to the region by AFAD. Organized by Jade Tekstil, which continues its activities in Egypt under the structure of Yeşim Group, 30 tons of adult top and underwear products consisting of 71 thousand 569 pieces were shipped to the region under the coordination of the Embassy of Turkey in Egypt.

Yeşim Group has also delivered 3 trucks full of 75,804 pieces of adult top and underwear products to Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep and Malatya through the Red Crescent, the fabrics of which were supplied by Yeşim Group and sewn by its supplier Ersa Tekstil.

Preparations for at least 3-4 trucks of adult clothes to be sent to the region with the organization of Yeşim Group are ongoing.