IFCO – Istanbul Fashion Connection

You Are Invited to Discover Turkish Quality and Versatile Apparel!

IFCO, Istanbul Fashion Connection; is an online platform that connects Turkey’s high quality and versatile apparel collections to buyers from all around the world. As a digital platform, it displays the collections of Turkish fashion brands, designers and suppliers 24/7 and lets buyers connect with them regardless of time and location.

IFCO is a brand of IHKIB – Istanbul Apparel Exporters’ Association. IFCO’s brand journey started during the pandemic, with the idea of bringing the power of many events organized by IHKIB to introduce Turkish exporters to the world, to a digital platform. The intention is to build and grow this platform both with physical fairs to be held regularly twice a year in Istanbul and digitally where it will stay open constantly.

Istanbul, the fashion capital of Turkey, is the ideal center to bring together trends, fashion, design, brands, trade, and collaborations together. IHKIB aims to open a new era in the apparel industry with a groundbreaking international fair that will introduce this vibrant center to the whole world. The clothing industry, of which IHKIB is the representative, unites all product groups from women’s and men’s wear to baby and children’s wear, from evening dresses and wedding dresses to leather apparel, from denim to sportswear, from underwear to socks, from shoes to bags, all under one roof.

When and Where?
If you would like more opportunities to connect, IFCO also holds virtual and physical exhibitions throughout the year to bring this lively atmosphere together.
Built with the experience of an ever-growing industry, IFCO is the most reliable platform to build quality business partnerships that will last.We would like to invite you to discover new collections and meet your new collaborators!

Sign up for free at www.ifco.com.tr now to expand your horizons!

IFCO Virtual Exhibition will be at ifco.com.tr between December 6-9, 2021.

Istanbul Apparel and Fashion Fair will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between February 9-11, 2022.

The IFCO platform, where designers’ collections can be viewed regardless of the time and location, will be available from January 1, 2022.