IAF, EURATEX and ABIT Collaborate on Content International Conferences

The International, European and Brazilian associations IAF, EURATEX and ABIT are collaborating on the content of their annual, international conferences in the fall of 2021.

 The International Apparel Federation (IAF) and ABIT, the national association for the Brazilian Apparel and Textile industry, have even given their conferences the same theme, namely ‘Transition of the Global Fashion System’. EURATEX’s conference’s theme is ‘A new paradigm for the European Textile and Clothing Industry’ and therefore also emphasizes transition.  All three associations are fully aware of the urgency and importance of the transition that the apparel and textile industries are currently going through. Through their collaboration they are able to offer a global audience complimentary programs, each focusing on different elements of this transition.

ABIT’s focus is on people, exploring data gathering; a transition to a design more guided by individualization and communication in a digital environment. IAF’s focus is on the intra supply chain dynamics, looking at how the relations between buyers and suppliers need to change. And EURATEX focuses strongly on the role of legislation shaping our industry’s actions.

ABIT’s international conference takes place on October 27 and 28. Visitors from across the world can join online www.congressoabit.com.br/ to hear a mix of Brazilian and international speakers. Brazil containing complete supply chains from cotton to consumer often presents examples of transition that can inspire companies from other parts of the world.

IAF and EURATEX are holding their conferences back-to-back in Antwerp, Belgium on November 8 and 9 respectively. For those visitors that might be held back by pandemic related restrictions to visit the venue in Antwerp, the conferences will be available online. A joint dedicated website, www.conventionantwerp.com contains all the information and the link to register. Antwerp is less than 50 kilometres away from Brussels, where the EU Commission is unveiling a very ambitious environmental and social agenda aimed at large scale transition that will have large consequences for our industry.

Three global conferences offer complementary insights into the huge transition the apparel and textile industries are going through. Their connection underlines that we have one global fashion system. To get the full pictures, ABIT, EURATEX and IAF invite you to join all three!