3D TECH Festival Returns for 2021

Digital insights including Assyst, Browzwear, CLO 3D, Frontier, Optitex, SHIMA SEIKI, TG3D Studio, Daz3D, UNIFi3D, Zoic Labs

To satisfy the unprecedented demand for practical and transformative digital knowledge, Alvanon in collaboration with MOTIF and partner ISPO announce their second annual 3D Tech Fest featuring 3D tech leaders, creative directors and innovators from across the globe.

Alvanon – the world’s foremost leader for 3D fit standards, in collaboration with e-learning platform MOTIF,  is delighted to announce 3DTF21 its online 3D TECH Festival 2021, from September 21-23, 2021. The free to attend, three-day online global conference, is dedicated to all things digital and will feature 3D professionals and users who know and are willing to share, inform, advise and inspire our industry.

The latest 3D innovations are blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds, creating a Metaverse in which fashion professionals can design, develop, sample, and sell apparel in a virtual world before making the product. It benefits businesses, suppliers, consumers and the planet. For the 2021 event, Alvanon and MOTIF have selected 3D software companies at the forefront of these technologies. They will address the themes of Adopting 3D and Digital Product Creation (DPC), Digital Transformation and the Metaverse.

The conference will be divided into three key themes:

  1. Adopting 3D and Digital Product Creation (DPC): practical ‘real world’ advice and expert insight on how we can adopt end-to-end digitalized product development and management strategies to survive and thrive.
  2. Digital Transformation, Technology & Innovation: digital advances transforming the way the global fashion industry designs, produces, fits, sells, delivers and communicates with ALL stakeholders and consumers.
  3. Welcome to the Metaverse: entering the virtual world of the metaverse has become a necessity for brands. Our speakers will bridge the gap between reality and digital, and digital and metaverse.

Janice Wang, CEO of Alvanon, explained: “Since last year’s conference, the accelerated progress we have made as an industry would have been unimaginable pre-pandemic. We have learned a lot in a very short space of time. It is time to share our experiences and insight once more and ensure we are delivering on our ambition to do things differently and better.” She explained: “There is so much about 3D that is new hence why we are bringing the Metaverse into play on day 3.”  She concluded: “Digital Fashion is currently a $40 billion market, and growing as the wearer base and enabling technology expands. It’s very important for future designers to know about the skill-set that they need to develop.”

To find out more about 3DTF21 or register please follow the link: