Yeşim Blazed Trail in Egypt with Kindergarten Service

Yeşim, which continues to develop its international operations in parallel with its growth strategy in accordance with its global company identity, has succeeded to be Egypt’s largest ready-made clothing exporter for the last three years one after the other by increasing its exportation it carried-out with Jade Textile from Egypt since 2016 until now 4 folds and its employment 2.5 folds. Yeşim has carried its kindergarten service that it continues up to date by bringing to life in Bursa in 1988 to its Ismailia facility in Egypt by adding a new one to the circle of its success in Egypt. Yeşim’s kindergarten service, which is a pioneer in both the sector and the national industry with its kindergarten unit and has been shown as an example on many platforms with its sustainable approach to date, has a characteristic to be first for the Egyptian industry and the production area where the facility is located.

Selim Şankaya, Co CEO of Yeşim Group, who expressed that they have become one of the largest employments provided by a Turkish company abroad under a single roof with Jade Textile, has stated that they have also commissioned its kindergarten services at Ismailia facilities in Egypt as it is one part of their Bursa facilities currently as a final development and is one of the first things coming to mind when it is called Yeşim. Şankaya, who stated that they plan to serve 300 children in the existing kindergarten unit, said that “Our kindergarten is a first in the Egyptian industry. We have prioritized strengthening women’s employment with our free kindergarten service that we have been providing for our female employees for 33 years. Therefore, we have carried this service to Egypt as it is a part of our vision of a woman-friendly company. The opening of our kindergarten unit has been effectuated with the participation of Mohamed Mahmoud Saafan, who is the Minister of Labor and Social Security of Egypt, and Egypt ministry officials”.

Şankaya has also said that they also effectuated opening of the “Communal Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment of Women” unit which they have put into operation within the facility during the visit of Minister Mohamed Mahmoud Saafan and ministry officials. Şankaya, who has noted that they target to spread the culture of gender equality in Ismailia through the said unit, has continued as follows: “Jade Textile will lead to other companies with its character of being first unit created in this regard. Our female employees will be able to apply to our unit at any time and receive support. We will also discuss many issues related to the development of our female employees including the career management with this formation. The trainings to be carried out in this unit will return as social benefit in the medium and long term”.