Digitalization Vision of Yeşim Clarifies its Future

Şenol Şankaya, the Yeşim Group CEO, who expressed that they continue to work as a strategic production partner of world brands in ready-to-wear and home textiles, stated that they acted with the mission of being the pioneer of the sector by following-up the technology closely since the first day they were established. Şankaya, who underlines that they prioritize the productivity increase and quality production by investing in people and technology, stated that they have been benefiting from the digital technologies in order to coordinate their production forces on the axis of speed and customer focus. Şankaya continued his words as follows:

“Yeşim Group, which knows that the future is in digitalization as a global company, has adopted the same route in all its companies. Yeşim, which has integrated the digital technologies into the business processes at many points from the product design to the production and from the decision support systems to the communication tools, has included the intuitive network in its life in accordance with the technological infrastructure that is one of the most important issues of the digitalization studies.

Yeşim has actualized the ERP infrastructures years ago where it can follow the production and all management processes online by using world-class technologies. Yeşim, which continuously supports and expands the said infrastructures with both sensors and online data collection tools, is in a situation that it can monitor and manage the production status anytime from anywhere. One of the main issues Yeşim focuses on at the moment is the decision to be taken with the data that it collects with the support of artificial intelligence.

Yeşim, who not only winked at the concepts of Industry 4.0 and beyond but aimed to be an individual practitioner of those concepts, was also one of the leading companies in its sector in Turkey by using the latest in 3D scanning technology fabric. Yeşim, which have the opportunity to provide the fit-mold control and present them for the design approval with the color-variation by creating the demands of their customers in a virtual environment in 3D by means of the said technology, thus, can answer a request from its customers on the same day and get approval. In this way, Yeşim can realize a more sustainable production by saving the material, energy, and human labor that will be spent unnecessarily.”