Russian Week of Textile and Light Industry

The total attendance of the “Russian Week of Textile and Light Industry” reached 15,500 people , including representatives of the authorities of the Russian Federation, official ministries and departments from Russia, Turkey, Italy, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries of the world. All this inspires confidence that manufacturers of the textile and light industry of our country are actively developing not only international cooperation, but also their own production, which will allow Russian companies to take a worthy place in the international cooperation of fashion industry goods, home and technical textiles for various sectors of the Russian economy.

The undoubted advantage of Legpromforum 2021 is its multichannel format. Almost all events, both discussion and practical, showed high attendance at all broadcasting points. The total audience of online participants of the event amounted to more than 4500 visitors, and the number of views of individual seminars and discussions varied from 150 to 600 people, which significantly exceeded the offline audience.

“We are trying not only to keep up with modern technologies, but to thoughtfully use only the most effective of the proposed ones. And the feedback from the professional community convinces us that the decisions are correct. This also applies to the omnichannel format of the event and our other projects for the industry, for example, the marketplace. ” – Andrey Razbrodin, President of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry, commented on the results of the Week of Light Industry. ” These technologies help horizontal integration of the industry, which is now the most important for it.”

Visitors and participants of the Inlegmash, Interfabric and Textile & Home exhibitions , assessing the theme of the business program and the opportunity to get acquainted with each event without time limits, paid more attention to work at the stands and real negotiations on cooperation. This is confirmed by massive requests for live streams that will be available on over the next week. This publication period is due to the need to edit the recordings to comply with international copyright laws.

The INTERFABRIC-2021.Spring exhibition showed a slightly higher attendance than in the fall, when in September it was allowed to hold professional exhibition events in Moscow. This means that it is not entirely correct to attribute the increased activity of Russian entrepreneurs to the need for business contacts limited by measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The final numbers of attendance at the exhibition are still being specified, but it is already clear that the audience of the three exhibition days amounted to 8,000 industry professionals .

A total of about 2000 people attended the Fashion Tech Day 2021 conferences and master classes , of which more than 1250 participated in the online broadcast.