New organisation: Circletex – Belgian Collection System for Textile

Despite the pandemic our industry/our companies believe that the only way forward is circular. Recently we had the global recycling day where it is important that we think again about what we throw away – seeing not waste, but opportunity. Therefore the Belgian industry has joined forces and is proud to officially announce the birth of our new organisation. Circletex is a Belgian collection system for textiles, for the industry by the industry. All textiles are welcome, such as unsold products, production waste, used and end-of-life products.

First textile streams we will handle:

2021: Flat linen, workwear and protective products made with textiles

2023: Other products made with textiles


  • CREAMODA (Federation of the Belgian garment manufacturing industry)
  • FBT (Federation of Belgian Textile Care)
  • FEBELSAFE (Belgian federation of manufacturers, distributors, service providers and the professional end-user for safety and well-being)

Special thanks to our founding companies Alsico, Texet Benelux, Dutra, Sarco, Sioen, Cleanlease, Dumoulin and supporting partners for making this important first step into evolution.

Supported by

  • FLANDERS CIRCULAR, the hub and inspirer for the circular economy in Flanders