An Important Step for a Sustainable World from Exemplary Cooperation

The exemplary cooperation project developed between Yeşim and Izmir University of Economics (IEU) Faculty of Fine Arts and Design (GSTF) gave its first outputs on behalf of the sustainable world.

The project, which was initiated in the fall semester of the 2020-21 academic year with the title “Take Action for a Sustainable Future”, has come to an end within the scope of the study, which sets an example for university-industry cooperation. The project set out to mobilize young fashion designers for a sustainable future with environmentally friendly designs and to raise awareness about sustainable fashion, and the first outputs were achieved.

İzmir University of Economics (IEU), Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Textile and Fashion Design 4th grade students created their collections by taking inspiration from trends such as recyclable clothes, zero waste, and slow fashion against the consumption frenzy of fast fashion. Students who use button and zipper systems that change the shape of the garment, recyclable, free of harmful chemicals and waste fabrics in their designs have taken an important step towards a sustainable world.

19 students working within the scope of the project designed 228 clothes. Students who got prepared under the coordination of Assoc. Dr. Arzu Vuruşkan, Faculty Member of IEU Textile and Fashion Design Department, and the Instructor Jörn Fröhlich have also received online training from Yeşim Design Manager, Nergis Melek Akıncı within the scope of “Fashion and Sustainability”.