LEEDing into the Future: Interloop Denim LEED® Platinum Certified

Elevating global apparel industry standards of operational efficiency and responsible manufacturing, Interloop is set to disrupt the denim industry with its increasingly ambitious sustainability targets, starting from the state of the art manufacturing plant to the end product. Interloop’s Denim Plant has received LEED® Platinum Certification, meeting the highest standards for any structure assigned by the US Green Building Council. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Platinum status is another milestone in Interloop’s sustainable journey, building onto the success of Interloop’s Hosiery Plant 4, as the first socks facility in South Asia to receive LEED® Gold.

Interloop Denim was conceptualized, designed, built and equipped from the ground up to meet LEED® standards – a globally recognized symbol of sustainability, innovation, and efficiency. The Denim Plant is now one of the world’s largest apparel manufacturing facilities to attain LEED® v4 Platinum Certification, with a monthly production capacity of 1 million garments. The entire manufacturing process of this ~600,000 sq ft facility, from raw materials to finished goods store, is certified under v4; the most advanced and transparent version so far. With its considerable prowess in multi-category apparel and an integrated supply chain, Interloop has doubled down on its capability to deliver what the industry demands at speed, at scale, and more sustainably, and at minimum cost to the environment.

Water use and reuse is at the forefront of Interloop’s sustainability agenda. The Denim plant has been designed as one of the most environmentally conscious and resource efficient facilities, having water efficient systems and technologies, saving up to 50% water through careful planning and design. This also includes recharging ground water with specialized rainwater harvesting pits. In addition to the (water efficient) building design, the entire denim laundry operates on water saving and reuse technology, further adding to Interloop’s water conservation initiatives.




In terms of energy consumption, the highly advanced and energy efficient Denim plant saves over 53% energy through renewable sources, waste-heat recovery boilers, and a building design which utilizes innovative lighting solutions and equipment throughout the manufacturing process. The skylights alone help reduce 56% of its carbon emissions attributed to lighting, and combined with all other measures including the solar panels and rice husk boilers, the result is a 30% overall carbon footprint reduction, supporting Interloop’s commitment towards RACE TO ZERO – UN’s global emission reduction campaign.

In addition to the plant incorporating innovative measures to improve its water efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, save energy, and recycle waste, a core consideration underpinning Interloop Denim’s building design was to create a healthy and safe environment for its people. This includes continuous air quality and temperature regulation throughout the building, and a modern day care facility for all employees.

The architectural landscape of the plant extends far beyond its building design. It includes carefully designed green spaces in and around the facility that further enhance worker comfort and wellbeing. More than 30 percent of the lot area is dedicated to greenspaces including an urban forest planned to hold 5000 trees, to be planted over the course of 5 years.

Interloop Limited is a world leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of multi-category apparel goods including hosiery, denim, knitwear and seamless. Interloop’s commitment to leadership in sustainability has been recognized globally by US Green Building Council, Swiss Business School Lausanne, Fair Trade USA and UN Women, with social and environmental consciousness deeply embedded in company’s values. Interloop is focusing on integrating automation in its core processes and adopt industry 4.0 as it steps into a new decade. Interloop’s LEED® Platinum certified Denim Plant is a powerful demonstration of the company’s commitment to sustainability and is reflective of its core values – Integrity, Care, Accountability, Respect and Excellence, focused on People, Planet, and Prosperity. Passionate about the products it makes while being responsible stewards of the resources used, Interloop continues to create dynamic work environments that are innovative, resource efficient, and safe for its people.