Gerber Technology and Alvanon Announce 3D Collaboration

Gerber Technology and Alvanon Announce 3D Collaboration to Achieve Unsurpassed Fit and eCommerce Success
The collaboration will empower the fashion and apparel industry to accelerate digital transformation.

New York, New York, USA, October 29, 2020 – Gerber Technology continues to expand its global network and today announced a collaboration with Alvanon that will further strengthen their powerful 2D-to-3D for fit solution. The new collaboration between Gerber and Alvanaon will allow fashion and apparel companies to accurately simulate their customer’s size and fit. As COVID-19 continues to drive an increase in online shopping, it is important for fashion companies’ clothing perfectly fits the body shape and sizes of each of their customers. Through this collaboration, Gerber’s AccuMark® 3D users will be able to leverage the Alvanon Body Platform (ABP) to develop production-ready 3D samples and reduce fit errors. The collaboration, which will be demonstrated at ideation 2020, will empower and accelerate digital product development and eCommerce.

“We know how difficult it is for fashion and apparel companies right now as they navigate through the pandemic,” said Mary McFadden, Vice President of CAD Product Management. “Digital transformation is now inevitable for companies who want to succeed in the next era and our collaboration with Alvanon will give them the tools they need to fully transform product development.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated challenges within the fashion and apparel industry. Over the past several months, many companies have had to shut down their brick and mortar locations, adjust to working remotely and rely on eCommerce for a majority of their sales. Gerber’s collaboration with Alvanon will help fashion companies recover from the pandemic and succeed in the new reality by enabling digital product development and eCommerce. Through the powerful combination of AccuMark 2D/3D and the Alvanon Body Platform, fashion companies will be able to develop perfectly-fitting garments that accurately reflect the sizes and body shape of their customer base, resulting in less returns and more satisfied customers.

“We have an opportunity today, with the technology and tools available to us, to build a new future for the apparel industry,” said Jason Wang, COO of Alvanon. “One where the digital and physical are closely connected and work together.”

Fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers will be able to go into Alvanon’s vast library of over 6,000 3D virtual bodies, each representing a specific brands’ fit standards, and download the 3D avatars for AccuMark 3D, use it to test patterns in all sizes and validate fit. Alvanon’s library offers both standard (ASTM) and brand-specific avatars.