Shaping the Future of Textile and Apparel Industry Globally

Global trends of business have changed rapidly and we need to transform our business practices accordingly. The need of the hour is to coordinate and accelerate our efforts to limit and mitigate the damage and make sure it is not irrevocable.

Pegasus Consultancy and International Apparel Federation (IAF) successfully organized the second webinar in which the industry leaders and experts have given their valuable thoughts on:

1. Managing partnerships in the times of crisis
2. Keeping the wheels turning, financing the supply chain
3. Dealing with uncertain, changed and decreased demand


  • Han Bekke, IAF
  • Uwe Bernecker, Funky Staff
  • Jan Hilger, Hilger Consulting
  • Masood Naqi, Rajby Industries
  • Deniz Thiede, Triple Tree

Please watch the replay here.