Yeşim Manufactures Sustainable Face Masks

Yeşim has initiated a project to produce anti-viral and anti-bacterial face masks using knitted fabrics composing organic cotton and lycra material and developed two tight and flexible products. This fabric demonstrates high coverage properties thanks to its tight structure and high breathability thanks to its light and slim design. One of the most significant features of the mask, which is developed in cooperation with Health Guard, a company with 25 years of experience in biotechnology and related products, is to stop the virus as soon as it is contacted.     

CEO of Yeşim Textile Şenol Şankaya stated that these masks are washable up to 50 times and are therefore considered sustainable and said “Our products are anti-bacterial and 99.4 percent effective in preventing the virus. This fabric prevents reproduction and growth of harmful viruses, mildew, bacteria or fungal spores and facilitates breathing. Our products are not medical or surgical face masks but rather protective masks. These organic and environmentally friendly masks can be used in manufacturing plants, businesses or elsewhere outdoors in daily life.”

Şankaya stated that they are facing demand from abroad for these face masks and they have already exported some 50 thousand masks until now and that they are anticipating this demand to increase in the upcoming days and planning to export much higher quantities of masks after June. Şankaya added that they receive demand for masks also from fashion giants, who have provided Yeşim with various design samples, and that they are currently working on these samples and planning to launch these products by the end of summer. Şankaya also stated that they have made these masks available at the disposal of their employees before exporting them and that the health of their employees is of paramount importance for them.