IAF and ITMF: Impact Coronavirus Textile and Apparel Industry

The Coronacrisis is on everyone’s mind. The virus will have a long-lasting effect on our lives. How long? How strong? These are questions no one can answer for the moment. Together, ITMF and IAF are launching a project to convey filtered information to our members with specific relevance to our industries. This article is the first step in launching this initiative.

We would like to provide our worldwide membership with information of interest on a regular basis. We call for you participation in sharing with us any country specific / segment specific information that you believe should be communicated with the rest of the industry. Your experiences and your knowledge are valuable to others. Please react to this article by sending us relevant information / sources to enable us to deepen research in these directions and provide you with quality articles, during the current crisis and beyond.

The below article provides an overview of the current situation based on the limited information we have at the moment. It is structured as follows: Part 1 reviews general information about the economic impact of the virus, Part 2 focuses on the apparel industry, Part 3 on the textile industry.

Please read the full article here