“3rd People First Day” at Yeşim

“3rd People First Day”, institutionalized together with “People First Film Festival”, was carried out with the huge participation at Yeşim’s conference room. Apart from employees and executives of the company, the jury members of film festival such as Photo Graphica Agency President Mr. Engin Çakır and also 7th Room Film Studio trainer Ms. Fatoş Avcıoğlu attended in this organization. Mrs. Dilek Cesur being the Corporate Communication Director was among the lecturars on behalf of Mr. Şenol Şankaya, CEO of Yeşim Textile who could not be able to presence due to being sick and she conveyed to audience the importance and meaning of this organization instead. Mrs Cesur also mentioned about the starting point of “People First” approach which holds the major part of company culture and its importance for Yeşim Textile.

After Mrs. Cesur’s speech, Human Resources and Social Compliance Director Mrs. Fatoş Hüseyinca took place as a lecturer in this organization. She stated that the retired employees would always be the valuable asset of Yeşim and emphasized the company owe to all Yeşim and foremost retired employees due to their hardworking and precious contributions to bring Yeşim where it stands today. After Mrs. Hüseyinca’s speech, the retirement ceremony started and platelets were presented by Human Resources and Social Compliance Director Fatoş Hüseyinca, Production Director Kerim Bayram and Confection Department Manager Gülten Pamir to the retired ones from Yeşim’s Operational and Confection Department.

After the retirement ceremony, platelets and certificates were given to Yeşim’s running team members who had collected donations and had the degrees through by attending Vadofone 41st İstanbul Marathon, November 2019, within TEV Şükrü Şankaya education fund’s campain named “Kazandığı üniversiteyi kaybetmesin” (Supporting college students to prevent  Drop-outs due to Financial problems) After certification ceremony, Yeşim’s Community envoy platelet was given by Corporate Communication Director Dilek Cesur to Material Planning specialist who lead various projects and worked as volenteer.

The ceremony continued with the broadcasting of the granted first 3 productions which had presence at People First Film Festival. Yeşim employees platelets were given by Mr. Engin Çakır and Ms. Fatoş Avcıoğlu who were among jury members of the festival. Certificates were also given to the ones who contributed and efforted by attending ths contest. The event finished with the cocktail at showroom.