ITC Graduation Exhibition 2019 – Hong Kong

The Next Generation of Hong Kong Fashion: ITC Graduation Exhibition 2019 @ The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The current ITC Graduation Exhibition 2019 showcases 28 talented graduates’ fashion designs taken from their final year collections. These amazing pieces were also presented in the PolyU Fashion Show 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre last June.

On entering the gallery, the rhythmic music guides the audience to watch a video on a screen, which is a behind the scenes film of the graduates’ design process through to the finished pieces on the runway. Silver geometric sheets on the floor project wavy shadows on the white wall, which divide the space into different zones to showcase various themes or colours of the exhibits.

In this joint exhibition, designers Tsang Cheuk Him and Alan Yau explore themes of survival in the urban environment, and clothing functionality and protection through garment transformation design and innovative pattern cutting. Wesker Au and Vicky Lin focused on youth culture and created pieces inspired by hip-hop and nightclub scenes, which feature vibrant colours and unique patterns. Social issues like transgender culture, climate change and women’s rights were investigated in the works of Dicky So, Nicholas Yau and Peggie Wong in order to raise public awareness. Some designers tried to push the boundaries of fashion by creating extraordinary silhouettes. These can be seen in designs by Panda Chow and Sylvia Yeung. Nabi Bahrios expresses his view as an ADHD patient by producing work containing special sensory illusions. Multiple layers of fabrics and an array of textures in monotone colours can be found in the work of Venus Tsang, which represent the contradictory personalities of people.

This exhibition is a celebration of innovation and design for the Hong Kong fashion industry. The ITC graduates’ designs are not only creative but also exciting and dynamic. We are sure that they will soon bring life to the current saturated fashion market.