ideation 2019, Unleashing On-Demand Transformation for Customer-Centered Era

Gerber Technology’s annual ideation conference has as one of the leading hands-on tech experience in the fashion, apparel and textile industries. This year’s conference, October 23 – 25, will unite customers and thought leaders together to act on key market trends and test drive the latest “on-demand” technologies. The event will feature the grand opening of Gerber’s Innovation Center, a showcase for end-to-end workflows and digital micro factory for personalized production within hours. In partnership with show sponsors Kornit Digital, Henderson Sewing, Amazon Web Services, A&E, Caldera  and Pointcarré, the new Innovation Center will showcase a digitally-connected workflow, harnessing the power of technology from consumer to design and all the way to print, cut and sew.

“This year’s ideation will be a learning showcase like no other for the digital supply chain”,said Gerber’s Communication Manager for EMEA and South West Asia Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh aside her introduction of concept for  ideation in front of international trade press. Panelists, experts, and over 30 breakout sessions will focus on how to succeed with technology in the face of a rapidly changing consumer landscape. With increasing demand for customization, as well as sustainable operations, rising costs and economic uncertainty, it’s really the perfect time for both brand leaders and manufacturers in the industry to come together. Every year customers’ ROI from attending ideation keeps growing exponentially.”

Executive Forum embedded
For 2019, Gerber is taking the conference to one of the fashion and design capitals of the world, New York City, and is anticipating several hundred attendees at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway in Times Square. This year’s ideation conference will also include the addition of an invitation-only Executive Forum to help accelerate transformation in the industry through senior-level engagement and idea sharing.

“We are excited to engage with industry leaders in a whole new way this year,” said Karsten Newbury, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer at Gerber Technology. “Our focus is on empowering executives to digitize their businesses now in order to transform the way they create value for their customers. This includes a new look at business models in addition to advancing technology capabilities in areas such as 3D, PLM, Industry 4.0, IoT, and digital printing. We are as committed as ever to our role as a trusted guide in helping our customers to reach their optimum level of success.” Karsten Newbury also added, “ideation 2019 will be truly transformative: what was once just theory will now be happening in front of your eyes with practical and efficient workflows.”

Consumers are creating a seismic shift.
Passive, second-hand technologies in which companies dictate the user experience don’t work in an on-demand world where consumers are shaping and creating their own experiences in every corner of their lives. Customers need to be in the center of the story informing the industry of what they want, when they want it, and how they want it delivered. Efficient product delivery and sustainability are expected, not optional. This confluence of technology and consumer need is forcing brands, retailers, and manufacturers to find ways to transform their entire supply chain from development to production, sales, and delivery processes.

Keynote speaker and fashion industry disruptor Jenny Fleiss will kick off the event, speaking about consumer shifts and real-world experience with digital business models. Fleiss is a co-founder of Rent the Runway, a wildly successful, eleven-million-user strong startup that pioneered a new and dynamic ownership of fashion, enabling consumers to rent designer clothing. Rent the Runway is one of only 20 female-led “unicorn” companies in the U.S. to achieve a $1B valuation.

In addition to the Executive Forum, the “on-demand” and micro factory sessions covering both mass production and on-demand customization, 2019’s ideation conference will include sessions on:

  • Digital Printing Workflows: Including positioning and grading artwork in pattern development, graphic design adjustments in 3D and a print file prep for RIP software.
  • Solving the Fit Dilemma with 3D: Increasing consumer loyalty and decreasing returns by validating fit and creating production-ready 3D simulations.
  • PLM Making Digitalization a Reality: Centralizing data from sketch to tech pack through compliance, sourcing, and adjusting to customer demands.
  • Cost Optimization with Production Planning: Using technology to improve fabric utilization and inventory allocation in mass production workflows.

Conference registration, agenda and further details can be found on the Gerber Technology ideation website.

“Our customers and attendees will leave ideation 2019 with the motivation, knowledge and tools they need to go back to their businesses and transform the way they create, empowered by what is Now Trending,” said Ketty Pillet, Gerber Technology’s Vice President of Marketing.