Yeşim Textile’s Sustainability Journey

Yeşim Textile renewed its report published in the internet for the period from September 2008 in scope of the Global Compact. Yeşim has once again demonstrated its compliance with the principles of the international agreement in terms of human rights, employee standards, environment and struggle against corruption.

Yeşim Textile shared with public its 10th report about social compliance and social responsibility works in the scope of Global Compact by publishing at the web site of United Nations in the recent days. At the same time, the report is published at Yeşim’s web site and

Yeşim Textile CEO Şenol Şankaya stated that they gave great importance to social compliance, sustainability and social responsible activities and they have been reporting their studies on this issue for a long time. “Our company, the first apparel company in Turkey to sign the United Nations Global Compact Principles in 2006, has continued to work on this matter without break since then.”

Şankaya also said the following on the matter:
“Yeşim Textile, which began production in 1983, has been an important player in the global textile and garment industry for 35 years. Successfully competing in this arena and having overcome many obstacles up to the present day, Yeşim has added knowledge to knowledge, experience to experience, success to success. Yeşim has always put people at the center, and has reached an important point in matters such as social compliance, occupational health and safety, and responsibilities towards the environment and society. The year 2018 was a year in which we accomplished many new tasks under the leadership of our staff, particularly in social responsibility projects. I am extremely happy to be able to underline our “People First” philosophy, the roots of which were laid by our late founder, Şükrü Şankaya, and to see that this meaningful legacy is instilled in the DNA of our firm and reflected in the faces of all our employees.”