DEVIL-DOG Dungarees Brought Back to Life

When General Sportwear, a Gerber customer for over 30 years, decided to develop and produce its own brand, Gerber’s innovative CAD and PLM software was instrumental to its creation. Gerber’s reliable product lifecycle management software, YuniquePLM, and industry-leading pattern design software, AccuMark, made it possible for the 92-year-old company to relaunch its legacy brand, DEVIL-DOG Dungarees.

“Gerber Technology’s solutions are very integral to General Sportwear and our ability to execute down to the finest levels,” said Jeff Rosenstock, President of General Sportwear. “We are very proud of the product we’re making, and Gerber’s solutions are what enable our factories to create such high-quality jeans.”

Originally established in 1948, DEVIL-DOG Dungarees featured the highest quality denim with superb workmanship and stood proudly as a staple of iconic Americana. The brand relaunch, while holding true to its timeless vintage roots, will offer men’s jeans with an updated modern aesthetic and performance fabrics with unrivalled comfort at a great value.

In order to take the brand to the next level, General Sportwear needed innovative solutions at their disposal. Gerber’s AccuMark and YuniquePLM make it possible for the company to achieve great efficiency. From concept and design, to cutting, sewing, laundering, finishing and shipping, General’s vertically integrated manufacturing facilities convert efficiency into value.  This exceptional value will be passed directly to their DEVIL-DOG customers.

“Gerber is leading innovation and offering the best customer experience for the last 50 years,” stated Gerber’s Ketty Pillet, Vice President of Marketing. “We are very proud to partner with General and enable them to bring DEVIL-DOG Dungarees to life in a very short period of time. By delivering regular product updates to our fully-integrated digital solution, we make sure our customers have the unique, cutting-edge solutions to be able to meet their market challenges.”

General utilizes YuniquePLM to ensure the design and quality of the jeans. They were able to capture and manage all data which allowed them to control the entire design process to be sure that the jeans were developed exactly as they wanted. With YuniquePLM’s powerful Design Suite plugin, General created all of their DEVIL-DOG images in Adobe® Illustrator® and easily integrated them into YuniquePLM for style creation.

“There’s a lot of details that have gone into these jeans and all that detail is something that we capture in YuniquePLM,” Rosenstock stated. “It’s our bible and how we make sure everything remains consistent and true to brand from concept through production.”

Gerber’s software solutions play a critical role in the DEVIL-DOG project by giving the brand the agility, speed and repeatability it needs to create its superior denim styles. The seamless connectivity between YuniquePLM and AccuMark has helped General stay true to their commitment to quality while reducing lead time and minimizing costs.

DEVIL-DOG Dungarees is set to be available July 1st with 16 styles of jeans. As the brand grows, they will be looking to add new technology to their workflow in order to improve on every step of the process and enhance their product line even further.

DEVIL-DOG is also supporting its community, explains Rosenstock. “My Grandfather and founder, Louis Rosenstock, originally named the brand after the Marines, who earned the Devil Dog nickname in 1918 for their tenacity and bravery in World War I.” In keeping with its heritage, DEVIL-DOG Dungarees is a proud partner of Wounded Warrior Project (“WWP”). WWP is committed to honoring, empowering, and helping America’s injured veterans achieve their highest ambitions.